Welcome dear furfriends, we are so grateful to share our life with each and every one of you. Let us tell you a little bit more about ourselves.

My name is Veronica and I am 1 year old orange tabby cat. I love, love, love playing with anything and anytime. I am raised by my serious brother Vegas, whom I adore and look up to. We both live in Las Vegas with our two humans.


  • Catching little bugs and flies;
  • Our toy box, thats where all fun is hidden;
  • Annoying our big brother Vegas.

Do not like:

  • ┬ádressing up;
  • Vacuum cleaner;
  • When human is ignoring me, when I want to play, which is always.

Nickname – The Flying Dutchman

Story behind it – One day I found a plastic bag in one of my humans closets. I decided to check what is inside and managed to put it on myself. As I moved I got really scared of the noice and started to run away, because I thought this plastic bag is attacking me, but I just could not manage to escape it. It was as I had a parachute or a sail behind me. My humans tried to help me, but I was determined that I have to move quickly and run from one room to another hitting everything in the way. I truly believed that was the only way to save myself from this noisy attacker behind me. It all finished luckily where it started in the closet, when my daddy decided to lock me in, so I won’t run away. This incredibly scary thing was taken off me and that is when i got my nickname. I do prefer Veronica though.

And my name is Vegas. I was born and raised in Colorado Springs, but my daddy decided to move to Las Vegas, so now I am Vegas from Las Vegas. I guess it was meant to be. I am 7 years old Veronicas big brother and I have to be a grown up in our relationship. I am truly aristocrat and philosopher by nature, I love to think and dream about life and our existence.

Love – catnip, i mean who doesn’t
To sleep next to my daddy
Greeting my humans, when they arrive.

Do not like – doorbell
Loud noises, sudden movements, zombies, vampires or anything else I imagine in my head, did I say I have incredible imagination
Nanny, which means my humans are gone for a while.

Nickname – aristocat
Story behind it – well i guess thats just how I live my life, I enjoy deep thoughts and I will always choose the most graceful pose. So much more to teach my young childish sister Veronica.