There is no certain answer to this question as it mainly depends on particular time of your cats life. In every day life your cat usually gets extra vitamins from good quality cat food, but there comes a time in every cats life, when their body is craving more vitamins than it used to. It can appear after a particular illness,best fake id, when cats body is developing and growing, in the pregnancy period, molting season or cat reaching particular age. In such times we need to take extra care of our loved ones as their immune system is weakened. Couple of years ago I went with my husband on holidays to Thailand. We hired a villa on Koh Samui island which was swarming with cats. You could tell by their fur they were mostly malnurished and dependent on the tourists’ generosity. It was a heartbreaking sight, which serves as an  stark reminder to look after what your cat consumes, including food’s vitamin component. But what kind of vitamins are needed and what are they needed for?

B vitamins – keeps nervous system healthy, improves digestion and muscle strength. B2 vitamin improve wound healing and decreases inflammation. B5 helps to boost metabolism.fake ids, B12 vitamin improves liver functions.
A vitamins – in a moderate dosage improves kidney function, maintains visual acuity and because of these vitamins your loved ones fur will be thick and silky.
C vitamins – boost immune system and improve digestion.
E vitamins – is more important to pregnant cats as they help nervous system to stay healthy and maintain good muscular system.
D vitamin – is needed for newborn kittens. fake student id,If a kitten has a huge belly and tinny crooked legs it is a signal for D vitamin deficiency. Read more info here.

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